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14 Nov 2020
Festive Finishes

Whisky Tasting - Festive Finishes, aka

Saturday, December 5, 2020 tasting: Festive Finishes, aka “The kinda Christmassy one”

Tickets on sale Tuesday, November 17, 2020 at 09:00 through Choose your pickup/delivery preference in addition to your ticket!

This tasting highlights six unique whiskies, each of which was matured/finished in a different wine cask. The result is a unique range of holiday-esque flavours that we thought would be great to share on a winter evening.

This time around:

  • This will be online – we’ll need to get you the whiskies! Be sure to make a pickup selection when purchasing your ticket, or contact us to make arrangements ( or are ideal, though we are technically on Facebook).
  • We’ll be going lighter on the presentation aspect so we can all spend a little more time together, rotate through Zoom rooms over the course of the evening.
  • Plan suitable snacks! This could be an already-indulgent evening whisky-wise so it might be a great time to have some good cheese, chocolate, pastries, or something similar to complement these whiskies.


Online event. Zoom link and further details to follow in an email closer to the event.

  1. Whiskies to be picked up by you (Vic West near Tyee/Esquimalt Roads, or Esquimalt) after November 23rd; or some deliveries are available. Choose one of the pickup/delivery items at checkout in addition to your ticket. We’ll be in touch afterward to confirm times/locations, or please contact us to discuss options!
  2. 6:30 PM Zoom will become available for chat and testing.
  3. Provide your own welcome dram (usually a little bit of light beer or whisky, to prime your palate).
  4. 7:00 PM we’ll welcome everyone in the Zoom room and get started.
  5. Prepare your own glassware. Though we’ll be delivering whiskies in small bottles you can drink from if you like, whisky tastings usually use Glencairns or ISO wine tasting glasses for a reason! These feature a bulbous body shape which allows aromas to collect and direct through a narrow rim.
  6. Separate glasses are recommended for each whisky or at least do a quick rinse+dry between whiskies!

Questions? or message us in

Become a WhiskyDev member!

Support more/better whiskies, be part of exclusive events, and get a new stemless WhiskyDev Glencairn glass! Add to your cart at when you grab your event tickets and we can deliver along with your whiskies!

Our goal is to offer you a comfortable community to learn more about whisky and pick up on new favourites and flavours, while connecting and sharing with other people in Victoria’s tech industry.

  • There are a limited number of tickets, so grab your tickets quick!
  • Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to learn more about whisky and pick up on new favourites and flavours while connecting with other technical people and sharing your passions. We want it to be a comfortable place where you meet other programmers, learn what else is being worked on in Victoria, and pick up on some cool new technologies.
  • No refunds.
  • By purchasing a ticket you agree to not drive a motor vehicle after the event.
  • By purchasing a ticket you agree to (and are subject to) our Community Agreement/Code of Conduct.


Whisky Oriented Development (Graham B, Hez R, Jay P, Jeff G, and Jen G)

Til next time,
The Whisky Oriented Development team

Whisky Oriented Development

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