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{ Who Is Whisky Oriented Development? }

We're people who work in the tech industry in Victoria, Canada. We organize periodic whisky tasting events that seat 30 people. In each tasting a mix of newcomers and regulars get a chance to sample some fine whisky, learn a little bit about it, and socialize. We're also a Slack channel (new member signup) where people hang out everyday.

The organizers are Graham Baradoy, Jeff Grajkowski, Jen Grajkowski, Jay Prost, and Hez Ronningen.

{ Who Can Come? }

Anyone in tech who wants to have nerdy conversations and drink whisky! If you can sit in a chair and drink liquid then we can teach you the rest. Whisky is a good social lubricant and it's easy to make friends in the relaxed atmosphere.

Whisky Oriented Development is dedicated to a safe environment for everyone. Our code of conduct can be found at:

{ How Can I Get In Touch? }

All emails can go to

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