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22 Jun 2015
Summer Tasting: Whisky Mixer

Whisky Tasting

This event has passed. See the announcement for our most recent event

WhiskyDev is mixing things up a bit.

It is always difficult to run an event in the summer. The number of people on vacation and with other plans is unpredictable. But it gives us an opportunity to do something offbeat and to play with different drinks and formats that we wouldn’t do otherwise.

We are also opening up tickets for this event to significant others and +1s. Lets take this opportunity to get to the people that are important in each others lives. Lets make it a mixer.

So the WhiskyDev crew is going to make some mixed drinks. We will be playing with our version of a Whisky Sour and other drinks cocktails. There will be some old classics, and some drinks that hopefully you have yet to have tried.

We’ll be hosting the mixer on Saturday July 18th @ 7pm. The location will be determined by the number of attendees. You can get your tickets now through our Tickets page.

We hope to see you all there.

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Til next time,
The Whisky Oriented Development team

Whisky Oriented Development

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