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20 Jan 2014
February Tasting

This event has passed. See the announcement for our most recent event

Do you like Whisky? Do you like meeting new people? Do you like the possibility of learning something new? Then join us for a tasting.

At our events, we hope that you will be able to walk away knowing a little bit more about whisky, what you like, what you don’t, and maybe even pick up on a favourite new distillery.

We also wanted it to be more than just whisky. Sure we wanted it to be a comfortable environment, where you can learn about whisky, but we also want it to be a comfortable environment where you meet other programmers from around town, possibly learn what else is being worked on in Victoria, and pick up on some cool new technologies.

Our first tasting will feature 8 half ounce pours that highlight the whiskys of Scotland.

There are a limited number of seats, so get your tickets.

Please help make our first event a success by telling other programmers!

Til next time,
The Whisky Oriented Development team

Whisky Oriented Development

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